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The Lost Steersman

The Lost Steersman - Rosemary Kirstein
The third book finds Rowan and Bel parting ways temporarily, although Rowan finds a satisfying new sidekick in the form of Steffie, a young man who at first seems slow, but turns out to have a brain well-suited to Steerswoman (and the occasional man) type of inquiry. Rowan is trying to find out what has happened to a Steersman who left the order and was kidnapped by mysterious creatures the humans refer to only as Demons.

This takes her into the middle of a truly alien culture and what she learns there doesn't get her much farther along on her quest, although it's extremely interesting. The build-up to the climax of this book was alternately hair-raising and boring, but led to a really strange and thought-provoking twist.