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Wildfire (Firethorn, #2)

Wildfire (Firethorn, #2) - Sarah Micklem I didn't love it as much as Firethorn. After a short time with Galan, Firethorn's adventures lead her away from him and into captivity. She enters a completely new country, where she becomes a slave. I found this really frustrating. Her life as a slave is actually much safer and less brutal than that of a camp follower, but it sure is boring. It doesn't last, but she spends a lot of the book kind of waiting for something to happen. When it finally does, I found it pretty unsatisfying. It wasn't clear to me what she wanted, or what she was doing, or where this was going.

All the same, the new society is drawn just as completely as the first one was- maybe even more so- it was just that Firethorn's place in it was strange and ambiguous. That being said, it was still a really gorgeous book and I can't wait for the third one. It's been five years since Wildfire came out, so hopefully we'll see the next one soon.